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Get more targeted Twitter Followers & Automate Twitter Posts!

tweet adder for twitter, twitter marketing, twitter promotional tool Try the FREE DEMO windows Windows Version 1.0.90925 Size: 2.2 mb Updated: 9/25/2009

download macosx Mac Os X Version 1.0.90925 Size: 7 mb Updated: 09/25/2009


* Increase Twitter and Site Traffic to your event, charity, service, business, band, or website * Find Like Minded Twitter Followers in Seconds * Auto Follow up to 1000 Targeted Profiles per Day * Get up to 500 new twitter followers per day per profile * Multiple Accounts, Unlimited Twitter Profiles & Chaining * Automate Twitter Posts, Scheduled Tweets, Stay active without actually being active * Automate Scheduled Direct Messages * Auto Unfollow, VIP Safe List * Best Twitter Search, including Global Location and Multi Language Searches * Set it and Forget It! Runs Daily, Automatically * Every Twitter Feature imaginable! * Spend time with your family, take off for the weekend, go on vacation! We’ll do the rest! * Questions? Contact Us!

Take advantage of the recent Twitter explosion in popularity, NOW!

Twitter is today’s hot spot! Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, CNN, your local news, and even your local radio stations all have twitter accounts to grow their network of twitter followers. They promote themselves on twitter to generate new fans, leads, viewership, news hounds, and music listeners. Shouldn’t you be doing the same? You hear “Follow Us On Twitter!” every time you turn on the TV or Radio!

This has caused an enormous avalanche of new twitter users signing up every second hungry to connect with like minded people! What is Twitter all about? Twitter in Plain English

Watch more Twitter Tutorials for Newbies Here How do I take advantage of this huge twitter growth and profit from it?

Fortunately, following the methods employed in our Automated Twitter Adder Networking Software, you can CAPITALIZE on the NEW twitter phenomenon very quickly, and achieve a dramatic increase in sales, lead generation, website visitors, networking, music promotion, and video promotion.

This is done by rapidly growing your network of followers at lighting speed by auto following like minded twitter followers. Once you follow these targeted users, they will come to your twitter profile page to review who you are. They will review your twitter bio, your web link, and your recent “tweets” to see what you are all about.

If they like you, and you have the same interests, about 30% to 50% will follow you back. Once they follow you back, all your tweets will appear on that users twitter page for everyone to see! Check out the referral stats from google analytics below, this does not even count the direct hits from word of mouth or direct website hits from visitors typing in the url vs clicking a link!

twitter traffic, twitter referral, twitter adder

As you grow your network, more and more people see you and check you out, causing an increase in your traffic, networking abilities, and even direct sales to your site!

“How do I get more INTERESTED twitter followers TODAY without spending days, weeks, months babysitting my Twitter Profile?”

In order to be effective with Twitter promotion, you must be able to get targeted twitter followers. Our system was built specifically with target niche network building in mind. Many people get excited, sign up for a twitter account and then find themselves with zero to 20 followers. Pretty disappointing. They spend all day manually hunting down and following other profiles with horrible follow back results. Wouldn’t it be great if this was automated and you don’t have to do this all day long everyday for poor results? Problem Solved!

We have devised a twitter adder software that will increase your follower count in a very short period of time. In 30 days, I received 6963 TARGETED followers and continue to do so!

I provided a screen shot of the proof of the programs effectiveness I have enjoyed in just 30 days of use. Where else can you get 6963 people reading what you post and/or following your links you suggest to them in such a short period of time without spending thousands of dollars in online marketing campaigns and then waiting for your network to slowly grow?

“I just recently purchased the software and I now have targeted followers that actually respond to my automatic Tweets because they enjoy the same things I do! Twitter Adder is the perfect bonus to any marketing campaign. As a consultant, band manager and internet marketer, I am always looking for new software that will help eliminate the stress of doing everything manually. The Twitter Adder software is extremely user friendly and stylishly appealing!” Leo Morales, Entrepreneur & Consultant,

Meet THE Ferrari of Twitter Friend Adder and Promotion Software! That’s right! We have added every benefit imaginable. All bells and whistles included! Everything you need to automatically grow your network and profit on autopilot.

“I have a few websites and clients I market for and have had other twitter adding type programs and I wasn’t really looking for another one. Thank god I got TweetAdder, so many more options than even the Pro versions of the others. This is basically set it and forget it with its automation. You can see all the stats from your page and really track whats going on. This program is nothing short of amazing and you are constantly improving it. Best Marketing money Ive spent in a long time! Thanks Guys!” Regards, Eddie,

Compatible with both Windows PC and Mac Os X! 6 Laser Targeted, GLOBAL Twitter User Search Tools Twitter Bio Search, Twitter Location Search, Follow Followers, Follower Following, Twitter keyword Search Best Twitter Networking Capabilities! Select by Spoken Language -- NEW! Twitter Worldwide Location Based Search NEW! Twitter Multi Lingual Tweet Keyword Search NEW! Twitter Bio Search -- Finds Keywords in Twitter Bio Followers Following -- Import Another User’s Followers Follow Followers Import profiles followed by User

Multiple Twitter Account Management

Multiple UsersYou can manage more than one twitter profile. This will multiply your twitter networking spread out amongst several different twitter profiles. You can also manage advertising and public relations client’s profiles as a twitter service. Use our program on an unlimited number of Twitter profiles with the Tweet Adder Platinum!Account Chaining: Select the as many of your profiles as you wish, and the software will run through each account automatically and complete your automated tasks with one instance of the software open!

Full menu of Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow Benefits

* Ability to unfollow ALL except your VIP SAFELIST * Keeps track of people you have unfollowed so that you do not re-follow them. * Auto Follow Twitter Users -- Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day * Auto Follow Stop Feature : Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached * Auto Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames * Random Time Delay Settings- You choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets, and direct messages * Safe VIP List: Create a list of twitter users to never unfollow

Full Twitter Stats and graphical historical viewing

twitter statisticsView your Twitter Stats for each profile instantly! Tweet Adder gives complete statistical data to view each account’s vital statistics to give you a birds eye view on what exactly is happening. A visually appealing graphical display shows you who you followed, unfollowed, and much more on a daily basis.

Powerful Automated Tweet Posting and Direct Messaging

Automate Twitter Posts, Automatic Tweet helps you to keep your twitter profiles active, engaging, and interesting to keep your followers from leaving you. You can set up a multitude of tweets in the software, and allow the software to spread them out through out the day to keep you actively involved on twitter while you enjoy yourself with your free time.Automate Direct Messages are good for informing your followers of upcoming events, conferences, or any items you need to keep your followers informed about.

automated tweet and automated dm, twitter auto tweet, auto reply tweet, twitter auto messageCommunicate with your followers automatically. Going out of town for the weekend or just need a break? No problem! Set your pre set messages to tweet, and your auto dm’s to send messages to new followers welcoming them and go on your way!

Twitter Music Promotion Tool with Mp3Twit Song Tweet Tool

Musicians can now promote songs directly with Tweet Adder! Simply use the Mp3 Shortener to upload your song directly to Mp3Twit. The tweets and messages will contain a shortened url where Twitterers can directly click and hear your music, even on iphones, and song goes viral!Now musicians can increase Myspace song plays! Tweet your best song > have myspace profile link in mp3twit profile and twitter profile > users will retweet or visit your myspace page!

Url Shortening with Cli.GS to Graphically Track Your link click thru rates to your site


Twitter Current Trends and Historical Trends Research

twitter trendsWhat are people talking about right now on twitter? This tool searches the twitter trends and brings you the current hot topics, daily, and weekly.

Free Automated Working Proxy List Imports

free anonymous proxies supportAs simple as clicking the import button, fresh, working, proxies will automatically be imported into the program. Proxies are not needed, but they are fully supported for power users who want them

“I’ve become an evangelist for your product because it is just so damn good. I’m going to be posting it and recommending it all over the place.“ Jon Burr,, Bassist, bandleader, composer, teacher, producer, useful creative handyman, healthy cooking, blogger, method book author. Purchase Full Activation Keys for Tweet Adder All Prices are ONE TIME (Lifetime Updates on Program)

Buy the Twitter Adder Pro by Tweet AdderBuy the Twitter Adder Pro by Tweet Adder

* Free Unlimited Software Updates and Support * No Monthly or Recuring Fees * Lifetime License * You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time here: Upgrade Registration * Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed! * Registration Key Immediately Emailed on Purchase (24/7) *yahoo emails check spam folder * Nothing to lose, everything to gain! * Tweet Adder pays for itself in just a few days! * We have 5 years in Software Automation Sales so we aren’t going to disappear! * We build and maintain our own software inhouse! Immediate Free Upgrades if changes take place! * Please feel free to contact us with any questions at Support

“TweetAdder simplifies my life.The product automatically targets and follows basketball community members for me while I engage. A slam dunk!”

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Professional twitter tools include Tweet Adder (one time fee) and Social Oomph (monthly fee). Pick one or two, that fit your budget.