Boost your social media productivity -- it doesn't have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity! Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today! Base Features Free Professional Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget [more] Track keywords — Empower yourself [more] Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing [more] URL shortening — Track your clicks [more] View @Mentions & Retweets — Efficiency [more] Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy [more] Purge your Twitter Tweets — Start over [more] Secure Twitter access — No passwords [more] Up to five Twitter accounts — No charge [more] Follow-Back & Auto-DM Features (Additional Fee* Applies) Free Professional Follow those who follow you — Easy [more] Send DMs to new followers — Automate [more] Vet new followers — Semi-automation [more] Find Quality People to Follow On Twitter Free Professional Keyword searches — Find targeted friends [more] Mimic follow — Replicate the following of others [more] Sort into Twitter Lists — Organize new friends [more] Filter profiles — Avoid spammy accounts [more] Apply decisions of others — SPAM protection [more] Auto select & human review — Full control [more] Automated limits — Quality, not quantity [more] We work, you decide — Save hours [more] Facebook Features Free Professional Unlimited Facebook accounts — Maximize efficiency [more] Schedule status updates — Free up time [more] Schedule page wall updates — Be productive [more] Schedule group updates — Be efficient [more] Schedule photo uploads — Be awesome [more] Secure Facebook Connect access — Peace of mind [more] LinkedIn Features Free Professional Unlimited LinkedIn accounts — Maximize efficiency [more] Schedule shares — Free up time [more] Secure LinkedIn access — Password security [more] Plurk Features Free Professional Unlimited Plurk accounts — Maximize efficiency [more] Schedule updates — Free up time [more] Secure Plurk access — Password security [more] Features Free Professional Unlimited accounts — Maximize efficiency [more] Schedule updates — Free up time [more] Secure access — Password security [more] Create Social Updates from RSS Feed Entries Free Professional Automated updates — Ease Of Use [more] Submit Social Updates via Email Free Professional Tweet via email — Extremely convenient [more] Many employees feed one social account — With email only [more] Auto append author tags — Employees cannot override [more] Only authorized staff can email in updates — Secure [more] Staff use only email — No additional training [more] Flat fee pricing — Very affordable [more] Schedule & Publish Blog Posts and Pages Free Professional Integrate blog and social media updates — Set & forget [more] Manage unlimited number of blogs — Centralization [more] Write posts with the WYSIWYG editor — Powerful [more] WordPress, Tumblr, & more — Everything [more] RSS to Blog — Auto feed your blog [more] Private Tweet Interests Channels Free Professional View predefined channels — Zoom in on interests [more] Define your own channels — Unlimited groupings [more] Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT Free Professional Manage all your accounts — Integrated console [more] Integrated timelines — Boost your productivity [more] Filter timelines — Tune in on favorite friends [more] Highly configurable — Suit your exact needs [more] Other Highly Sought After Features Free Professional Unlimited Twitter accounts — Maximize efficiency [more] Daily DM Digest Via Email — Easily view all new DMs [more] Delegate account management — Free up time [more] Self-destructing (time-limited) updates — Facebook and Twitter [more] Recurring updates — Without being repetitive [more] Pause recurring updates — Fine-tune campaigns [more] Drip-feed social accounts — Without lifting a finger [more] Bulk upload tweets — Save time [more] Increased Follower Checking — Higher frequency [more] Get all new enhancements — No extra charge [more] Really Cool Folks Are Using SocialOomph. 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In other words, we don't downgrade your account on the date of cancellation, we downgrade your account at the end of the billing cycle (when your next payment would have been due). Pay either via PayPal, or direct Visa or MasterCard credit card payments. Only $17.97 Upgrade To SocialOomph Twitter Unlimited Once every two weeks payments. No long-term contracts. If you need just a subset of SocialOomph Professional to put your update scheduling for Twitter on steroids, or if you need to connect more than five Twitter accounts, then our SocialOomph Twitter Unlimited subscription is your solution. Low once every two weeks payments, cancel at any time. Pay either via PayPal, or direct Visa or MasterCard credit card payments. Only $6.97 Twitter Marketing Software – Twitter Adder – Professional Twitter Marketing Tools – Automatic Twitter Software – Automate Twitter Posts, Auto Twitter Followback, Unfollow, Mass Tweets, Twitter Search, more .. Voted Best Twitter Marketing and Management Software Home Download Purchase Tutorial affiliates blog FAQ Download Windows VersionDownload Linux VersionDownload Mac Versionpurchase now Automated Twitter Marketing Software & Promotion for 2014 Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers & Schedule Tweets! Uses Oauth and Twitter API! Take advantage of the recent Twitter explosion in popularity, NOW! Twitter is today’s hot spot! Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, CNN, your local news, and even your local radio stations and shopping malls, all have twitter accounts to grow their network of twitter followers. They promote themselves on twitter to generate new fans, leads, viewership, news hounds, and music listeners. Even the creator of R2D2 in Star Wars uses our program! Shouldn’t you be doing the same? You hear “Follow Us On Twitter!” every time you turn on the TV or Radio! This has caused an enormous avalanche of new twitter users signing up every second hungry to connect with like minded people! Meet THE Ferrari of Twitter Marketing Software, Friend Adder and Promotion Management! That’s right! We have added every benefit imaginable. All bells and whistles included! Everything you need to grow your niche, localized network for best results. Compatible with both Windows PC, Mac Os X & Linux! 6 Laser Targeted, GLOBAL Twitter User Search Tools Best Twitter Networking Capabilities! The following searches zero in and locates profiles pertaining to you, then stores them to be followed. You can even export the results to your computer! More Search Capabilities Equals Better Results Hardcore Filters in Tweet Search, Profile Data Search, keyword location recency language spoken ability to remove profiles with default picture ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography Tweet Search Locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword Example Searches include (combine to form more complex searches) containing a word: twitter Containing multiple words: twitter marketing Negation: twitter -marketing Exact phrase: “twitter marketing” OR: twitter OR tweets Containing a hash tag: #twitter Not From a user: -from:username To a user: to:username Mentioning a user: @username Profile Data Search search twitter bio, plus filters Location Search search by geographic location around the world, plus filters Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list Followers of a User obtains a list of profiles following a particular user Followed by a User obtains a list of profiles a user is following Huge flexibility with result filters Ability to remove results of users that posted a link in their tweet Ability to remove results of users that only have a default profile picture Multiple Twitter Account Management You can manage more than one twitter profile. This will multiply your twitter networking spread out amongst several different twitter profiles. You can also manage advertising and public relations client’s profiles as a twitter service. Use our program on an unlimited number of Twitter profiles with the Tweet Adder Platinum! Run Multiple Profiles Concurrently: Select the as many of your profiles as you wish, and the software will run through each account automatically and complete your automated tasks with one instance of the software open! Full menu of Follow and Unfollow Benefits Following Features Special BlackList to block following to specific people Follow Twitter Users – Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day UnFollowing Features Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames Safe White List: Create a list of twitter users to never unfollow Full History of Followers and Following See exactly who you follow, and who followed you and exactly what time. Powerful Automated Tweet Posting and Direct Messaging Automate Twitter Posts, Automatic Tweet helps you to keep your twitter profiles active, engaging, and interesting to keep your followers from leaving you. You can set up a multitude of tweets in the software, and allow the software to spread them out through out the day to keep you actively involved on twitter while you enjoy yourself with your free time. Automated Tweet Features Automated Tweets post throughout the day Post Tweets to Facebook, and Myspace!! RSS Tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source Re-Tweets- Automatically retweet another user Url shortener – Shorten long URLs automatically Mp3 Poster – Bands and artists can upload Mp3s to and share on twitter Symbols – Access to special UTF8 characters like stars, arrows, and smileys Link History – Easy access to previously shortened URLs and Mp3s Post Tweets with random time delay Automate Direct Messages Good for informing your followers of upcoming events, conferences, or any items you need to keep your followers informed about. Communicate with your followers automatically. No problem! Set your pre set messages to tweet, and your auto dm’s to send messages to new followers welcoming them and go on your way! Thank you Direct Messaging – sends messages to your new followers Standard Direct Messaging – Sends messages to your followers Twitter Current Trends and Historical Trends Research What are people talking about right now on twitter? This tool searches the twitter trends and brings you the current hot topics, daily, and weekly. Proxy List Imports Public and Private Proxy support. Proxies are not needed, but they are fully supported for power users who want them Purchase Full Activation Keys for Tweet Adder Free Software Updates and Support You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time here: Upgrade Registration Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free! 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